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How To Avoid Writer’s Block and Create Quality Content For Your Blog

Have you neglected your blog because you realize that you don’t have any idea on what to write about. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from writer’s block and is the #1 reason why people do not consistently create quality content.

The way to run a successful blog, is to write interesting content consistently. The good news is, you have access to tons of ideas and topics for your blog posts. It’s right at our finger tips. It’s called, “The Internet”. Shocking right?

The internet is flooded with useful tips on every topic you can imagine and I want to help you simplify the process of coming up with new fresh content. So, after reading this, you should be able to toss all excuses out of the window when it comes to avoiding writer’s block.

This 3 step process for creating quality content will allow you to start writing more frequently and get more readers interested in your blog posts:

1. Research Keywords In Your Niche

Instead of trying to guess what you should be blogging about, simply right down a list of keywords that pertain to what your niche is based around. If your niche is “Network Marketing”, don’t just do a search on that keyword phrase because it’s too broad. Instead, brainstorm and write down keywords that fall into that main category, such as, “personal development tips”, “leadership skills”, “prospecting ideas”, etc. Then go to Google and do a search for those particular keywords.

2. Read Other People’s Articles

So, now that you have Googled your keywords, you should have found some interesting articles that have already been written by other people. This is your time to read 2 or 3 of them and decide which article you like best.

3. Rewrite The Article In Your Own Words

Don’t worry. This is not stealing content. In this 3rd step, all you will do is write the entire article over again in your own words. Read the article 2 or 3 times to grasp the concept of what the article is about and start writing it the way you would want to share it with your audience.

VIOLA! Once you are done rewriting it, you now have fresh new content. See how simple that was? The concept here is about learning something, and reteaching it. This is the perfect way to start sharing valuable information and avoiding writers block so that you can start coming up with fresh new quality content for your blog.

Happy Blogging!


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3 Responses to “How To Avoid Writer’s Block and Create Quality Content For Your Blog”

  • Thank you! You gave three simple steps to accomplish something that is important to me :)

  • Lisa:

    Love simple girl! It really shouldn’t be this hard to write fresh articles when you break it down like this!

  • This is great advice for everybody. I can only wish that I had grasped this concept a few months ago. I appreciate how you said that you can read other content to develop your own. Great post!

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